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Since its inception in 1998, Ohm Sai Industries, the innovative manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Dyes, are at the forefront of the industry for their qualitative approach. We produce the most authentic variety of high performing dyes such as

We believe in innovation, enterpreneurship, international standards and high quality in order to take on the challenge against global competition. The primary objective of the company is to create a brand image and product positioning in the international market and, hence, we give priority to offer value based products like Acid Patent Blue AS (BLUE-7), Acid Patent Blue VS (BLUE-1), Acid Patent Blue V (BLUE-3), Acid Violet 4BS (VIOLET-49), Acid Royal Blue (BLUE -N), Acid Parrot Green to our customers from time to time, keeping in mind, the international standards and quality.

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Niket Patel
(M) 08866864158

Vipul Joshi
(M) 09825037739

Umesh Patel
(M) 09725951367

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